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Red Devil Roast Coffee Company

Red Devil Roast Coffee Company

Red Devil Roast Coffee CompanyRed Devil Roast Coffee CompanyRed Devil Roast Coffee Company

Devilishly Delicious


Who is Red Devil Roast?

From the Devil himself.

The origins of Red Devil Roast Coffee Company lie in the quest for perfection.  

Hi, I'm Alan Susee, Owner and Roaster at Red Devil Roast Coffee Company.  My passion for coffee began as a young man traveling around the globe during my military service.  I experienced many different coffees in Tunisia, Italy, Greece, England, Israel, Egypt, Singapore and beyond.  Since then I have greatly missed those unique and robust flavors.

Fast forward to today, living in an isolated rural community on the Canadian border limits one's exposure to select coffees.  I realized this had to change and the only way to do that was to bring the worlds best coffees to Northern Maine.

At Red Devil Roast I have done that by sourcing select beans from distant mountain slopes in Central America, Africa, and Indonesia.  I bring the world's best coffees to your home.  

I then take those beans to the next level by carefully roasting them in small batches to reveal their unique flavors and aromas.  As an artisan roaster each roasting session is a sensory challenge that requires intense concentration.  There is no multitasking, no day dreaming, only focused determination.  Seconds define the difference between success and failure.  Meticulous observations of aroma, color, sound, and bean temperature determine the exact moment that perfection has been achieved

Subtle flavors.......

Every roast is different, every coffee is unique.  Teasing the most subtle flavors of origin out of select coffees during the roast process is the most rewarding achievement a roaster can obtain.  Here at Red Devil Roast that is all that matters.

What can I roast for you?

About Us

Dedicated to Quality

We pride ourselves on providing the best freshly roasted coffee. We work with our suppliers to source the freshest, highest quality beans.  As a small batch coffee company the source of our beans is essential to our mission of excellence.  Only the best beans are allowed in our facility.  Our dedication to quality roasted coffee drives everything we do.

Why Roast?

We absolutely love coffee!  What we don't love is the dead, stale, lifeless coffee typically found in the grocery stores.  So we did something about it.  Tasting a cup of coffee brewed from beans freshly roasted just days prior is a priceless moment that will change how coffee speaks to you forever.

More than just a bag of beans.

Although we offer an excellent fresh roasted coffee we are more than that.  We  offer unique custom labeling options to make your coffee anything but ordinary.  Have a unique request?  Let us help you make your coffee special.

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Red Devil Roast Coffee Company

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